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Post by Simy26 on Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:58 pm

Hey guys thought we have a shit ton of tips for MW2 which have helped me improve as a player. I am much better at BC2 than MW2 as its more slow paced and tactical, and have played it a shit ton so thought I would give you all some tips if you want.

So first off we will cover the classes there are four classes, each of which when used will win your team the game.

Assault, as you would guess, Assault rifles, Great for Medium to long range. If your are using one in CQB just hip fire that muthafucker. In my opinion the best rifle is the XM8, you unlock that pretty early on as well so yay, slap on the acog and you are set. Now another benefit of this in the Ammo boxes, share them out, you get points for dropping them on other players so they can refill. Each rifle comes with the choice of Smoke, Shotgun or grenades under barrel. If you decide you would rather use the shotgun as a primary or even the G3 etc then you drop the under barrel launcher and get C4, which in my opinion is much better for taking on tanks etc.

Engineer, the anti tank class, great fro up close and personal, may take a while to get used to shooting and range. By far the PP2000 is the best, rate of fire is insane on the thing, I use that or the UZI on this class, but each to there own. RPG, Carl Gustav are the rochet launchers, they can lock onto the tracer darts on choppers etc. The AT4 in remote controlled, takes a bit of practice but usefull, if you decide you don’t want these you could choose the anti tank mines, BE CAREFUL AS THEY CAN FUCK UP YOUR OWN TANK AS WELL. Another main benefit of this is the repair tool, you can repair tanks choppers you name it. NOTE when inside a chopper if its hovering you can repair it, if its moving it will damage it.

Medic, don’t have great experience on this class yet, will update this in time.

Recon, probably the class I am most comfortable with, in y opinion you start off the best sniper in the game, it kicks ass. Unlike MW2 there is a certain degree of skill in sniping here; you need to take into account the bullet drop etc. So if you are using the 12x scope, aim about a head above the target and you should pop them in the face. When you are trying to pick someone off on the move I would advise aiming about three people in front of them that should do the trick. Recon gets the choice of Mortars or C4, I usually chose mortar as it can bring down buildings at a distance.

Spotting, spam the fuck out of the back button when aiming at an enemy as it will show up on the radar for your team mates.

Sidearm’s, I usually go with the m1911 pistol, infact this is the weapon I have the most kills with lol, but whatever your most comfortable with.

I will update this when I use all vehicles, don’t use them a great deal.

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Tips and tricks Empty Re: Tips and tricks

Post by Big Jimmy83 on Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:10 pm

I think my favourite class is the assualt class, but I can't stand the XM8. I prefer the last 3 rifles that you unlock. ACOG and magnum bullets... I fuck snipers up with that shit.

Engineer is the run and gun class, but I find that I run out of ammo quite often with this class. I agree with Simy, PP2000, Uzi and UMP45 are great guns. I die most with this class.

With the medic I find that you need a sight (ACOG preferred) and you can't keep your finger on the trigger. Double-tap FTW with this class. Health packs on snipers (usually each time you spawn on them) and revive as many people as you can and the medic will be close to top of the points board. I personally don't like this class, but if you team up with any of the American DTLA and they all tend to be medics.

I love the recon class... If I play this game on my own I tend to pick this class. I prefer the GOL magnum sniper rifle, best accuracy and the sight is a clean cross, no other markers, which I prefer. Got to go with the mortar strike with this class as well. Stick it on a building or a tank and you do some serious damage.

I tend to hip fire the pistol as it is only used usually in CQC. I like the M1911 pistol as a sidearm as well, but the magnum is a very close second.

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Tips and tricks Empty Re: Tips and tricks

Post by kneeslidersxxx on Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:39 pm

all good shit guys. i finally appreciate what ur telling me lol

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Tips and tricks Empty Re: Tips and tricks

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